Fairway Judges


Brandon Peiffer

Brandon is relatively new to the craft beer movement. Having grown up a macro beer drinker his whole life, it wasn’t until the last 3 years that he has enjoyed what craft beer has to offer. Even though he is still considered a “newbie”, don’t discount his knowledge, experience, and passion. Just ask his wife, whom he bores to tears with endless talk of the latest beer news. His resume includes drinking beer, talking about beer, and drinking beer while talking about beer. He on occasion also watches other people make beer while he drinks beer. Favorite styles include; IPA’s, Stouts, Barrel Aged Stouts, Sours, Barleywines and Brown Ales. Just don’t try to give him Belgian Blonde Ales.


Dan Ciechanowski

Dan is 94% responsible for starting the craft beer movement here at Fairway Drugs. Just ask him. He is an avid home brewer with an obsession with hops. His extensive culinary background adds to his ability to create awesome beers. Other qualifications include: he is short, chubby, and has a glorious beard. Outside of Miller High Life his favorite styles include IPA’s, Pales, Double IPA’s, and Stouts (as long as there are a bunch of hops in them). He let Brandon write his biography for him, which was a mistake.


Bryan Wojciechowski

Although he is a former member of Fairway Drugs’ craft brew crew, Bryan is still a lover of beer. After having tried hundreds of beers from across the country, he considers himself well-traveled when it comes to beer. Aside from being a drinker of craft beer, he has also taken his beer into his own hands as a homebrewer. He spends his days working alongside fellow judge Jerry as part of the Web Project team at Hour Media, and also a contributor to the Hour Detroit Michigan Beer Blog. He spends his nights teaching at area community colleges and moonlighting as a web designer (he made this site!). Bryan is a lover of hoppy IPAs and smooth, velvety stouts, along with the occasional wild ale for good measure.

Nick Peters

The affable young gentleman known as Nick Peters is one of Fairway Drugs’ pharmacy technicians, but on the last Friday of every month, you’ll find him pouring cold ones for the customers at Free Beer Friday. Although Nick is younger than the other members of the judging panel, working at a craft beer retailer such as Fairway has really spurred his interest in craft beers. Nick enjoys amber ales, stouts, porters, and sour beers.

Guest Judges


Gerald Blakeslee

Gerald Blakeslee, the Web Project Lead at Hour Media, began his love affair with beer the day he was legally able to drink. As a 15-plus year veteran of home brewing, he has a deep-rooted interest in the beverage-crafting process. Finding new and interesting flavor profiles has blossomed from a simple hobby to a time-consuming passion. All of his “hard work” has finally paid off with the creation of the Michigan Beer Blog for Hour Detroit magazine. Although he samples and loves beer from around the globe, Gerald considers himself extremely lucky to live in Michigan, which has become an international powerhouse in beer quality and variety. Jerry enjoys all styles of beers, but finds himself particularly fond of Belgian beers.


Michael Copado

Michael Copado turned 21 at the beginning of the craft beer craze in the 1980s and has been a beer geek all of his adult life. He is student of beer and brewing history, and has been doing on and off research into the breweries of Michigan’s thumb in the 1800s. He is also an avid and award winning homebrewer. Known as Revvy on the popular beer forum homebrewtalk, he has dished out brewing advice for several years, and his online recipes are some of the most popular brewed on the forum. His favorite beers lists show that he is no stranger to the world of the hophead, but he also loves sours, big beers, and pretty much anything but wheat heavy styles.