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twohearted-crown2013 Winner, Bell’s Two Hearted Ale

Craft Beer Craziness – Round 4 Results

March 11th, 2013|0 Comments

The votes are in and the final beers have been chosen for Free Beer Friday! It was a tough competition, with some real hard choices for you to make, but we knew our customers were decisive enough to step in and make the call. We appreciate all of the support that we’ve received from everyone in this contest, from our fans to the breweries themselves. It was a lot of fun to put this contest together and watch results roll in, and we hope you had fun taking part as well! Since there were so many great stories from this last round, we’ve got a little bit of commentary on each of the final round of matchups below. Continue reading “Craft Beer Craziness – Round 4 Results” »

Craft Beer Craziness – Round 3 Results

March 3rd, 2013|0 Comments

Here we are, ready to head into the final round of online voting for the Craft Beer Craziness tournament. After this week, the Final Four will be set in stone, and it will be up to you, our loyal customers, to make the final decision on March 29th at Free Beer Friday! As with all information related to the tournament, the final announcements will be made here on the website and on our Facebook page. If you are not already following us on Facebook, click the link to the right on the sidebar to join our hundreds of fans and get all the latest news about us! Continue reading “Craft Beer Craziness – Round 3 Results” »

Craft Beer Craziness – Round 2 Results

February 25th, 2013|0 Comments

In round two, we trimmed our list down from 32 contenders to 16, making way for our final two rounds of online voting. We are inside a month away from the Free Beer Friday at which we will feature these beers, meaning the competition is only going to get more exciting from here! Continue reading “Craft Beer Craziness – Round 2 Results” »

Craft Beer Craziness – Round 1 Results

February 8th, 2013|0 Comments

With a 32 match-ups to follow, the first round of Craft Beer Craziness was an exciting round to watch as it progressed. Here at Fairway Drugs, we could follow the data as the votes were coming in and watch as battles were waged over some of our favorite brews. We’ve decided to once again share the graphs from the results, and a little commentary, so you can see exactly how well your favorite beers fared against their competitors. Continue reading “Craft Beer Craziness – Round 1 Results” »